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Myth and Mystery of the Pacific Northwest

Excerpts from
Myth and Mystery of the Pacific Northwest
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by Kathleen Mary Andersen
The Journey Begins
"When the mist rises off the ancient forest floor of the Cascade and Olympic Mountain Ranges, it creates an eerie silence that gives rise to the imagination. Even the smallest sound is carried among the winding and twisting waterways of Puget Sound. When you listen in the night, you can hear the cry of the spotted owl. The thick old trees hide the shadow of many creatures. Legends of giant hairy men, balls of light that follow the lost traveler, large birds that prey on elk. Look around, it evokes the call of the wild.
This is Bigfoot country, home of Sasquatch"
"Lewis and Clark first came to this wilderness area in 1896. They were followed by the pioneers from the east seeking to harvest the timber and look for gold. The Native Americans warned them of unseen spirits that ruled the land, watching from the majestic snow capped peaks. The words "flying saucer" was first whispered here in 1947. We are continually reminded that the tall mountains are active fiery volcanoes."
"In the twilight, the mysterious dancing earthlights dot the hillside of the Yakima Reservation. "Tahoma" or Mount Rainier as we call her is a giant towering into the sky at over 14,410 feet. She is the second highest mountain in the continental United States. Rumors abound of ancient doorways, vortex, unseen powers and the ghost of those who ruled the land before us."
"A miner who has a stake in the Cascades told of a frightening experience in the early 1990s. He had traveled into the backwoods with his family who collected berries while he worked his claim. The miner started to the top of the rocks when he heard a movement on the hillside above him. He knew his family was just below the ridge. He stayed silent as he heard a rustle of the branches. He suddenly became fearful at the thought of no gun against a bear or cougar. He slowly edged over to the path that led to the site and looked up. An approximate 7 foot tall hairy manwas looking down at him. Its eyes glared an eerie red. It started to move at a quick pace to him.
Fearing for his life and family below he started to yell for them and ran down to where they had been minutes before. The beast was in hot pursuit. The miner felt his heart racing and an overwhelming fear that he would not be able to make it. When he got to the bottom, he turned to see his pursuer had stopped, holding a position in a stand off. Before he could get a better look, he turned to hear his wife and children. He turned back to the hairy creature but it was gone. Vanished as suddenly as it had appeared. His family had heard nothing the whole time. This story appeared on the television show Unsolved Mysteries."
"No one knows how the Big Foot Valley got its name. I haven't found anyone who has seen a "Bigfoot" in this remote mountain range. The valley isn't in the Cascade Mountain range famous for Sasquatch sightings; it's in Eastern Washington State on the Idaho border and is mostly a farming community."

"If you take the time to speak to the farmers and people who grew up here, you might find some interesting information. One story going back to similar tale to one out of Yakima. A local resident picked up his daughter at the local prom at about 10pm in 1965. While driving home on a small country lane, he looked out of the back window to catch site of a large light that appeared to be right on his tail. The light followed them into the Bigfoot Valley then suddenly shot up over their car and off into the distance very quickly. He could identify aircraft and this was not something that he could imagine the government had developed. It left both of them with a queasy feeling that they were being watched."
"Light balls traveling down the gullys, lights floating in the woods, dark objects shining lights down on the pastures is a common occurrence. This area is part of the old part of the North American continent. Western Washington is the newer plate with active volcanoes. The area is Pre-Cambrian shield decaying granite and an area with a high concentration of radon gas as well as uranium. Whether or not this might have something to do withan increase of UFO sightings is still a question. Experiments in science recently have been successful with transmitting beams beyond the speed of light using a form of radon gas."
"We can logically say that many people did not know what they were seeing when the first stealth type craft appeared on the aviation front. It can be an eerie, almost creepy feeling seeing this odd shaped aircraft maneuver around the terrain"
"It was in 1998 that Joe Bennett and Michael Kanter decided to sneak some beer and park Joe's car in the woods north of Spokane. This was what some call a "blind" valley. An area that has no roads out and is narrow enough for aircraft to stay clear of the steep mountain tops around it.
As they were laughing and joking, Michael looked up to see a triangle craft sitting just above the tree tops. It wasn't very large, about 10 feet in diameter. The object remained still as if watching them. They could see no lights, nor windows. Joe tried starting the car and they had an immediate flight instinct to get out of there. As they proceeded down the road, they could see the object, still no lights following close behind.
The dust from the road became so dense from their speed that they eventually could not see if the craft was still on their tail. They immediately drove into Michael's parent's home which was close by and ran into the house to tell them what happened. Both parents laughed, shrugged it off as a joke. Joe and Michael not wanting to discuss the whole evening for fear that they would be in trouble for drinking under age, dropped the issue but never forgot that night in April of 1998."

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